I'm a postdoctoral researcher at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I like to think about testing theories of dark matter and dark energy with astrophysical data. I am also interested in the gravitational waves produced by supermassive black hole binaries.

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My research focuses on testing theories of dark matter and dark energy. Together, dark matter and dark energy make up over 95% of the Universe; however we still don't know their true natures. Astrophysical and cosmological observations are so far the only places we have observed either of these phenomena, and they remain the best places to test for their different properties.

I like to think about novel ways of testing theories for dark matter and dark energy. From using the gravitational wave event, GW170817, to place limits on dark energy theories with extra dimensions to using galaxy warps to place limits on self-interacting dark matter, my work has been pretty broad.

Most recently, I have also become interested in the gravitational waves from supermassive black hole binaries and how we can observe them using photometric surveys.


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I grew up in South Florida and completed my PhD in Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University in 2019. In my spare time, I volunteer with all of the good doggos at the Pasadena Humane Society. I also enjoy rock climbing, running, and hiking. 


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